Our solutions are built for enterprise customers just like you.  

Successful programs are built on solid technology, expertise and processes for energy and sustainability management.

Energy Advantage can assist clients to implement best-in-class solutions for the management of energy & water utility, and waste, and property data.

25+ Years of Customer Success

Energy Advantage has enjoyed long-term relationships with many notable organizations. Our service has evolved over the years to keep pace with their energy and sustainability data management requirements. In many ways. We act as their energy & sustainability department. Filling in their expertise and service gaps or delivering a turnkey solution specific to their ESG goals. Our ability to adapt and respond to our clients everchanging requirements and priorities is a key underlying part of our overall service relationship.

Our Solutions

Our integrated data management technology, processes, and services ensure a disclosure-grade ESG data foundation designed to meet our client’s goals. All our services leverage this high quality and comprehensive data through our actio data hub.

Data Management

It is centred on using the most optimal processes for data collection, quality assurance, analysis, error detection and payment processes such as Invoice Advantage®, API, Digital Forms and Web – avoiding duplication of effort, missed bills, late payments and penalties.

Financial Analysis

Accurate and reliable utility budget forecasting including rate and consumption trend analysis and forecasting, risk analysis and commodity strategies for de-regulated markets and effective performance analysis.

ESG Performance Analysis & Reporting

Integration of waste, maintenance, and asset data for comprehensive financial and GHG performance reporting and analysis.

Commodity Market Strategy & Risk Management

Help our clients navigate and manage deregulated commodity market supply and price volatility across North America. This includes both conventional and sustainable supply sourcing, contract management and market advisory services.

our approach

Built on a Time-Tested & Continuously Enhanced Systematic Approach to enable the relevant disclosure grade data for access at scale

– Energy, waste, water, fuel, equipment maintenance, property demographic, property insurance and more

Focused on enabling cost savings and key ESG outcomes

– utility costs and risks, GHG emissions disclosure, comfort, health, productivity and resilience

The unique software solutionactio

– provides an order of magnitude improvement to manage diverse data sources from other systems or places at scale and enables client access in one place – more savings, emissions reductions, and other benefits

Dedicated ESG expert team

– to support our clients every step of the way


Portfolio undergoes an assessment of ESG data availability and materiality designed to determine the roadmap forward to a single source of truth for the specific ESG data needs and goals of the client.

02 ENABLE the optimal Data Foundation with our systematic processes and actio Software

Our data management approach captures the data from all relevant sources and helps mark the path to achieving the desired results.

03 INTEGRATE the relevant data 

We assure and aggregate data in a single source of truth at System and Organization Controls II (SOC II) compliance grade worthy of any public disclosure requirements. We make the data auditable and accessible via our digital hub technology and complementary digital systems so our expert and client teams can leverage it with ease.

04 LEVERAGE for value

Deliver expert Utility and Sustainability Disclosure Reporting and Analysis for internal and external teams, stakeholders, and 3rd party verifiers. Our dedicated utility and ESG compliance experts support our clients in delivering the data management results they require for investors, internal teams and other stakeholders. We offer a managed service to get the data, make sense of it and disclose with confidence.

Our Partners

We collaborate directly with Catalys our Advantage Group affiliate partner, and other comoanies such as Conservice ESG, Premise HQ, Scriptstring AI, FINN, CESi to ensure our clients have available comprehensive, internally consistent, and high-quality E&S information at their fingertips to help make better decisions and drive superior E&S results.

our software

actio is our ESG digital hub which enables our expert team and clients alike to simply access from a single data hub disclosure grade data and KPI dashboards to create a single source of truth and quickly take action to achieve the best results in cost savings and carbon emission reductions and other benefits in their energy & sustainability programs.

At its heart, actio takes the overwhelming combination of the diverse data and processes necessary to drive best-in-class programs and makes it all manageable at scale. It’s the software which powers the data management workflow and tools of Energy Advantage to offer a total solution to our clients for the best results in their energy and sustainability programs.

Take control of your data

Data that can help guide decisions and take the right actions can be found in many forms and many different places in your organization. actio integrates these diverse data sources into a single environment within an end-to-end program management workflow to enable efficient analysis, decision making and implementation of our client’s programs.

Take decisive action

Actio provides the tools and workflows to implement client programs from beginning to end efficiently at scale. Whether it is finding the right opportunities, creating a business case, or tracking the progress of your actions, it provides a cohesive, efficient experience to repeatedly answer the most important question to E&S performance – what’s the next best action we can take to reduce our energy use & carbon emissions across our built space?

Understand your results

actio provides visualizations and analysis on what matters most to our clients, results. Our dashboards and reporting tools are designed to provide our clients with continuous and meaningful visibility of the progress, impact, and results of their E&S programs from the building to the portfolio level.