Trusted ENERGY and SUSTAINABILITY management

Enable your ESG data for best results

A systematic path to enable compliance grade data management for cost and GHG reduction and other key ESG goals.

Energy Advantage is a Total Managed Solution – ESG Expert Team, Systematic Data Management Approach, and Digital Hub to Ensure Clients Success.

Energy Advantage with over 25 years in the energy and sustainability industry has witnessed firsthand the evolution in focus on the part of commercial customers, stakeholders, and the public alike on climate change actions – today this focus has never been stronger.

Global warming consequences and operating costs driven by energy, water and waste continue to increase. For commercial organizations with large real estate portfolios these factors and GHG compliance challenges are material and represent some of their highest controllable costs and risks.

As the pressures to manage risk are growing more urgent, so are the challenges associated with the effort to enable all the relevant data in one place reliably and make it fully accessible and available for action. Whether trying to manage climate risks or reduce utility costs, a portfolio-wide approach built on consistent processes which enables access to all the relevant data is essential to achieve the best results and avoid wasting valuable time and financial resources.

Enable your ESG data for best results, contact us today!

we enable results

Achieve the optimal ESG compliance grade data foundation driving important outcomes

We get results through the combination of our ESG expert team, time-tested systematic processes, and proprietary actio software hub. Our team, processes and technology enable the data from all the relevant sources and integrate it for efficient access so our team and clients can leverage it with ease and confidence to meet their ESG goals.

Our team of ESG data management, commodity market and sustainability experts lead the processes to ensure ‘trusted’ results and provide support and guidance for your sustainability efforts every step of the way. Whether it’s establishing the ESG data baselines, managing utility bills, integrating waste data, mitigating commodity risks, or reporting Scope 1,2,3 GHG emissions subjected to the highest degree of scrutiny and 3rd party verification – our passion is to help clients execute their ESG strategies for the best results.

we solve problems

that commercial organizations with building portfolios are facing

Collecting and managing the complex, siloed data sources reliably, at scale, for versatile analysis and reporting

Controlling the rising costs of utilities, carbon management and operations

Meeting auditable compliance requirements for GHG emissions reporting, ESG, CDP, GRESB, SDG frameworks

Pressures from Investors and company leadership to address, sustainability and to mitigate risks in the ESG space.

our approach

A time-tested & continuously enhanced approach to enable all the relevant data at scale

– Compliance grade energy, waste, water, fuel, maintenance, property insurance and more.

Focused on enabling cost savings and key ESG outcomes

– utility costs and risks, GHG emissions compliance, comfort, health, productivity and resilience

The unique software solutionactio

– provides an order of magnitude improvement to manage diverse data sources at scale and enable comprehensive data access – more savings, emissions reductions, and other benefits.

Dedicated ESG expert team

– to support our clients every step of the way


Portfolio undergoes an assessment of ESG data availability and materiality designed to determine the roadmap forward to a single source of truth for the specific ESG data needs and goals of the client.

ENABLE the optimal Data Foundation with our systematic processes and actio Software

Our data management approach captures the data from all relevant sources and helps mark the path to achieving the desired results.

INTEGRATE the relevant data 

We aggregate data in a single source of truth at System and Organization Controls (SOC) compliance grade. The data is accessible via our digital hub technology and complementary digital systems so our expert and client teams can leverage it with ease.

LEVERAGE for value

Our managed expert service enables the data, makes sense of it so our clients can disclose the results with confidence – to internal operations, regulatory bodies, 3rd party verifiers and investors alike.


Brian Plumb


Brian is the leader of our Energy Advantage team. He is accountable to our stakeholders, staff, and clients, and responsible for our overall reputation, evolution of our business, team development, solution partnerships, and customer relationships. With a diverse set of experience within the energy & sustainability, and information management services industries he brings a passion for action, results and trusted relationships to our clients and team alike. Read more

Victoria Sokolyk

Vice-President, Service & Solution Operations

Victoria leads the overall delivery of our energy and sustainability data management service and solution offerings. Responsible for service quality and client satisfaction, Victoria brings to this key leadership role an in-depth energy and sustainability data management expertise, ‘hands-on’ experience across multiple industry sectors in the delivery of utility data management and analysis services, risk management, complex project management, and a passion for service excellence. Victoria holds a bachelor’s degree in International Economics complemented with professional development training in climate change, energy management and Six Sigma process management. Victoria’s versatile background, industry expertise and sensitivity to societal issues guide our diverse service team as we continue to evolve our energy and sustainability data management solution offerings.Read more

Maria Contreras

Vice-President, Sustainability Solutions

With over a decade of experience in ESG and sustainability consulting, Maria is Energy Advantage’s VP of Sustainability Solutions & Integration. Maria has helped our diverse clientele improve their bottom line by developing and implementing energy and sustainability programs aligned with their business strategies. In Addition, as part of her leading role in sustainability programs for Fortune 500 companies and others, Maria has assisted with submissions to numerous reporting frameworks (i.e., CDP, GRESB, SDG, GRI, TCFD, etc.). Maria holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies, an M.Sc. in Sustainable Environmental Development & Management and recently completed a diploma in Circular Economy & Sustainability Strategies at Cambridge.Read more

Chris Hanlon

Senior Director, Commodity & Risk Management

Chris has over 35 years of working across a spectrum of subject matter areas and management roles within the energy utility, supply, risk management, efficiency, and environmental disciplines. A consummate energy management professional, he leads the delivery of Energy Advantage’s Commodity Management and Risk Management Advisory Service. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering from the University of Manitoba and multiple executive management certificates in leadership, management, marketing and safety management.Read more